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How Big is Little Caesars Pizza?

How Big is Little Caesars Pizza?

Pizza lovers often find themselves curious about the sizes offered by their favorite pizza joints, and Little Caesars is no exception. This renowned pizza chain, known for its hot and ready offerings at affordable prices, offers various sizes to cater to different appetites and preferences.

Giant Value in a Hot N Ready Box

One look inside that cardboard box steamy with melty goodness, and you’ll see it truly is big pizza energy. These abundantly loaded pies almost overflow with premium ingredients – crispy crusts smothered from edge to edge with rich sauce and mouthwatering toppings. Talk about getting the most Pépico pizza for your money! From pepperoni to supreme to meaty options and more, Hot N Ready pizzas satisfy even the biggest cravings for under $6.

Unexpected Roots Dating Back Over 60 Years

Two Detroit Brothers with One Big Idea

The history of Little Caesars dates back to 1959 when brother duo Mike and Marshall Ilitch opened their first pizza joint in a Detroit strip mall. With no background in food service but lots of passion, their dream was to serve quality pizza that was both delicious and affordable for working families in their community. That first tiny store would serve as the launchpad for massive growth.

Quickly Growing to International Success

From humble beginnings in Detroit, Little Caesars soon became the world’s largest carryout pizza chain. The Ilitch brothers achieved explosive international growth with thousands of locations across the U.S., Canada, Latin America, Asia, Europe, Africa and Australia. Now 60+ years later, Little Caesars remains family-owned and committed to their founding vision of quality, convenience and unwavering value around the globe.

Offering Abundantly Affordable Abundance

A peek inside that iconic Hot N Ready box makes it easy to see why Little Caesars is globally beloved. These generously loaded pies don’t skimp, overflowing with premium ingredients from edge to edge. The abundance is obvious before you even take a bite. And not sacrificing quality while keeping prices low for decades has been integral to Little Caesars’ success. Take advantage of a recent little caesars promo code to save on your next order and experience the abundant value firsthand!

Premium Taste Without the Price Tag

Quality Ingredients Make the Difference

Only real mozzarella cheese, vine-ripened tomatoes, fresh dough made in-store daily, savory meats, and a secret spice and herb blend go into Little Caesars pizza. Quality ingredients result in premium flavor straight from your neighborhood store.

Bold Flavors to Satisfy Every Craving

Whether you crave the savory simplicity of pepperoni or hunger for the ultimate combo of meats and veggies, Little Caesars captures big, bold flavors in every pie. Specialty pizzas like the Meat Lovers or Extra Most Bestest are abundantly loaded just the way you’d expect. And exciting global flavors like Taco Pizza or Italian Cheese Bread keep tastes adventurous.

Convenient Carryout Model Since the Beginning

The Original Hot N Ready Pizzas

Since day one, Little Caesars has been about convenient carryout. But in the 90s they pioneered the Hot N Ready concept – pizzas made fresh constantly so grab-and-go customers get piping hot pies without waiting. Now synonymous with the brand, Hot N Readys represent the innovation and commitment to convenience that has allowed mega growth.

Quick Pickup Perfect for Busy Lives

With no need to order ahead, Hot N Ready customers can be in and out with hot, ready-to-eat pizza in minutes. For families on the go, groups on a budget, or unexpected dinner dilemmas, Little Caesars unmatched convenience seals the deal.

Rapid Expansion with Thousands of Locations

Franchise Opportunities Lead the Growth

Critical factors that enabled Little Caesars mind-boggling expansion from a single shop to thousands of stores internationally include selling affordable franchise opportunities. With a low initial investment, franchisees believe in the brand and replicate its model for success.

Adapting Stores to Communities Worldwide

Staying true to its neighborhood shop origins, Little Caesars adapts locations to best serve communities globally while retaining brand essence. So no matter what country or culture you visit, stopping in a Little Caesars feels familiar but local.

Innovation to Continually Improve Experience

From pioneering Hot N Ready pizza to recent app ordering and pizza portal pickup innovations, Little Caesars retains startup agility despite mammoth size. Investing in technology and listening to customers allows enhancements that streamline and personalize service – proving big things come in Little Caesars boxes.


How did Little Caesars get its name?

Founder Mike Ilitch settled on the name Little Caesar’s Pizza Treat in reference to his short stature and hopes that the chain would become the largest in the nation one day.

Who owns Little Caesars pizza today?

Little Caesars remains family-owned by founder Mike Ilitch’s wife Marian, and their son Christopher now serves as CEO.

How many Little Caesars locations exist worldwide?

Today there are over 4,000 Little Caesars carry-out stores globally across the United States, Asia, Europe, Latin America and more.

Does Little Caesars offer delivery?

While carryout remains core to operations, many Little Caesars locations now offer delivery for customer convenience through online ordering apps.

Besides pizza, what else is on the Little Caesars menu?

While best known for pizza, Little Caesars also serves Crazy Bread garlic breadsticks, Wings in numerous flavors, Sodas, and Deep Deep Dish pizza for a Detroit original thick crust.