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Known for its standout prints and urban aesthetic, Vlone has become one of the most influential names in modern streetwear. The brand’s signature bombers and hoodies are both incredibly popular and hard to come by, coveted by hypebeasts and fashionistas alike. For many, owning an authentic vlone jacket is the ultimate flex.

History of the Vlone Brand

Vlone was founded in 2014 by A$AP Bari, a member of the A$AP Mob hip hop collective. Along with popularizing a number of slang terms and phrases, Bari wanted to create a clothing line that represented his crew’s distinctive style and attitude.

Vlone’s Founder A$AP Bari

Working with artist Gianni Mora, A$AP Bari produced Vlone’s first run of bomber jackets featuring the now-iconic flouroscent orange V logo. The eye-catching pieces were an instant underground success, quickly building hype around the fledgling brand. Bari’s connections within the industry and loyal fanbase allowed Vlone to gain traction and transition from a local NYC label to an internationally recognized name.

Vlone’s Signature Style

Vlone clothes exhibit a twist on traditional streetwear, blending bright colors, asymmetric shapes, and provocative graphics. The brand has also collaborated on capsule collections with numerous rappers and brands like Off-White, elevating its reputation as an influential force in urban fashion. This distinct aesthetic and air of exclusivity are essential parts of Vlone’s identity.

Popularity of Vlone Streetwear

In recent years, vlone has massively increased its cultural cache and demand. Reselling the brand’s limited edition drops has become big business, with popular pieces fetching many times their retail price. Both hip hop stars and athletes have been spotted proudly wearing the iconic V on jackets, t-shirts, and other apparel. For fans of flashy fashion, Vlone’s bold take on streetwear fills a unique niche.

Features of Vlone Jackets

While Vlone produces a wide array of products from fragrances to furniture, its outerwear is arguably the label’s strongest suit. Let’s look at some key features that define authentic Vlone bomber and flight jackets.

Unique Graphics and Prints

Vlone pieces tend to incorporate striking graphics, with original artwork screen printed onto high-quality fabrics. These visuals represent the brand’s identity and often have deeper cultural meaning.

Iconic V Logo Design

The most identifiable Vlone graphic is of course the V logo. Rendered in bright orange and anatomically inspired, this symbol appears prominently on most of the label’s jackets. It makes them easily recognizable as Vlone originals rather than imitations or fakes.

Bold Color Schemes

Many Vlone jackets utilize attention-grabbing neon hues – orange, green, yellow, and pink being common choices. Even subtle colorways tend to incorporate strong pops of color for an eye-catching look. These vivid palettes align with streetwear’s bold aesthetics.

Premium Materials

While affordability is not one of Vlone’s strengths, the brand uses high-end fabrics to construct its garments. This quality adds value to justify their typically high pricing.

French Terry or Fleece Fabrics

Bomber and zip-up styles are usually made of soft yet durable cotton French terry or fleece. These textiles have texture and depth while remaining comfortable for layering.

Soft Leather or Nylon

Some Vlone jackets feature leather paneling for a sleeker look. Cow and lambskin leather offers plushness, while nylon materials provide weather resistance.

Oversized Silhouette

Also fitting streetwear fashion codes, Vlone jackets tend to have an exaggerated, baggy shape. Full volumes with extended sleeves and drop shoulders makes them perfect for layering over hoodies. This slouchy outline also accommodates a wide range of body types.

Where to Buy Authentic Vlone Jackets

Due to their exclusive nature and very limited production runs, getting your hands on Vlone outerwear can be tricky. However, a few reliable retail sources exist both online and locally.

Vlone’s Official Web Store

Vlonestocks.com is the brand’s ecommerce site selling their newest apparel and accessories. However, products go in and out of availability quickly here.

Limited Edition Drops

When Vlone announces an upcoming product drop, it will be listed on Vlonestocks shortly before its defined launch date and time. Quantities are extremely restricted though, so drops tend to sell out in minutes.

Restocks of Sold-out Items

Occaisonally Vlonestocks will re-release an older, sought after jacket. These surprise restocks create short windows to purchase pieces that are otherwise unavailable. Checking the site daily or weekly maximizes your chances of snagging something rare.

Resell Sites and Apps

Probably the most reliable avenue for procuring in-demand Vlone gear is through pre-owned resellers. Sites like Grailed and apps including Depop are go-to spots for sellers listing coveted streetwear.

Authentication Services

Reputable reselling platforms will authenticate items to verify their genuinity before purchases are completed. This protects buyers from spending huge sums on convincing knock-offs. Depop and Grailed both employ such services.

Pricing Considerations

Since many resell listings are for sold out or limited jacket releases, their market value is much higher than retail. Rare colorways or collaborations in unworn condition can easily fetch $500+ in resale.

Styling and Wearing Vlone Jackets

Thanks to their eye-catching designs and solid construction, Vlone jackets become central pieces in outfit building. They pair effortlessly with streetwear wardrobe basics.

Matching with Streetwear Staples

Vlone outerwear layers seamlessly over other casual urban wear essentials. Let’s explore some easy pairing ideas.

Graphic Tees and Hoodies

A Vlone bomber jacket pops beautifully over graphic tee shirts, especially band merch or those displaying artwork. Complementary hoodies will match nicely underneath as well.

Baggy Pants and Shorts

On bottom halves, distressed jeans, cargo pants, joggers, and shorts keep ensembles street-ready. Aim for proportion play by wearing looser bottoms with an oversized jacket.

Accessorizing for a Bold Look

Since Vlone designs inherently command attention, accessories can dial up that visual impact further.

Statement Hats and Sneakers

Bucket hats, snapbacks, and beanies make excellent topper pieces. Similarly, chunky sneakers boasting vibrant colors or mixed materials integrate perfectly with Vlone attitude.

Chunky Jewelry and Bags

Large silver or gold chains, rings, and bracelets offset Vlone graphics elegantly. Crossbody bags and small backpacks also pull adventurous looks together.

Caring for Your Prized Vlone Jacket

To retain their value, both monetary and sentimental, proper care is essential for prized Vlone pieces.

Proper Washing Techniques

Like most premium streetwear brands, Vlone advises against frequent washing to preserve fabrics. But when cleaning becomes necessary, be extremely gentle.

Handwashing or Gentle Cycles

Either carefully hand wash jackets in cold water using a tiny amount of mild detergent, or run an icy delicate cycle on your machine. Skip the dryer completely to air dry flat instead.

Avoid Heat Drying

Putting Vlone pieces in automatic dryers risks heat damage or shrinkage. For priceless outerwear, the best policy is hang drying only.

Proper Storage and Display

When not being worn, store Vlone outwear with care to prevent fading, tears, or stains over time.

Use Wooden Hangers

Padded or wooden hangers properly support jacket shoulders without deforming shapes. Wire hangers can create unflattering bumps.

Store in Cool, Dry Place

Avoid humidity, direct light, and extreme temperatures which degrade fabrics. Ideal conditions are darkness below 70°F. Consider covering pieces in breathable garment bags as well.


With their air of secrecy, Vlone outerwear instantly elevates urban outfits. Following these tips will help authenticate, style, and protect rare grail jacket finds. Let us know if you have any other questions about scoring and caring for the ultimate Vlone flex!


What materials are used to make Vlone jackets?

Most Vlone jackets feature premium fabrics like French terry cotton, fleece, nylon, and buttery leather. These textiles lend softness and durability while accentuating streetwear silhouettes.

Where can I buy authentic vintage Vlone pieces?

Beyond the brand’s own web shop Vlonestocks, the most reliable vintage sources are peer-to-peer resale platforms like Grailed. Authentication services vet listings to ensure legitimacy.

What is the typical price range for Vlone outerwear?

Official retail prices start around $400-500 for most jacket styles, sometimes higher. In the resell market, rates for rare or sold out pieces can easily exceed $1,000.

How can I tell if a Vlone jacket is real or fake?

Authentic Vlone includes distinct details like vibrant custom graphics, signature orange V logos, “OFFICIAL” hangtags, and buttery premium fabrics. Obvious red flags on fakes are dull colors, poor quality materials, or misshapen fits.

What is the best way to wash a prized Vlone jacket?

Handwashing in cold water or an icy delicate cycle helps preserve fabrics. Skip heat drying; instead let them air dry flat to prevent heat damage. Only wash when truly necessary to retain vibrancy.



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