Home Tech 12 Best Free YouTube Videos to MP3 Converters: explore many new converters

12 Best Free YouTube Videos to MP3 Converters: explore many new converters

12 Best Free YouTube Videos to MP3 Converters: explore many new converters


As YouTube and other video platforms gain prevalence, there is an increasing demand for efficient methods to convert videos into MP3 files for offline audio consumption. This article aims to examine the premier YouTube to MP3 converters of 2024, delving into the features that distinguish them.

Why use YouTube videos to MP3 converters?

There are some important points to use a YouTube to MP3 converter:

  • Enjoy Audio Anywhere: Separating audio from YouTube videos allows for uninterrupted listening sans internet connectivity.
  • Versatile Playback Options: The MP3 format ensures compatibility across numerous devices, including MP3 players and smartphones.
  • Space Efficiency: MP3 audio occupies far less storage compared to video files, thus saving valuable digital space.
  • Personalized Playlists: Utilize YouTube-derived MP3s to assemble your own unique playlists and collections.
  • Avoid video buffering issues – Listening to MP3 audio avoids video buffering problems.
  • Higher quality than streaming – MP3s can preserve higher audio fidelity than streaming YouTube.

How to convert Youtube to MP3 online?

Follow these steps:

Step Action
Step 1 Go to the YouTube to MP3 converter website
Step 2 Copy the URL of the YouTube video you want to convert
Step 3 Paste the URL into the converter site
Step 4 Click the “Convert” or “Download” button on the site
Step 5 Wait for the site to extract the audio as an MP3
Step 6 Download the MP3 file to your computer
Step 7 The MP3 will be saved on your device for offline listening

The list of top YouTube videos to MP3 converters

1. Yt1s

Best for: Quick, unlimited YouTube to MP3 conversions

Yt1s stands out as a widely used and dependable web-based platform for converting YouTube videos to MP3. It’s entirely free and imposes no download restrictions. Users can easily convert videos by pasting the YouTube link, and then download the resulting audio. The service is accessible from any device via a web browser.


  1. No limits on downloads
  2. Supports videos up to 10 minutes for free users
  3. Simple point-and-click interface
  4. Fast conversion speeds

Verdict: Yt1s offers a simple and direct approach to converting YouTube videos into high-quality MP3 audio files. With unlimited conversions for free, it’s one of the top choices for extracting audio from YouTube.

Price: Free

Pros Cons
Completely free, unlimited use File size limited for free users
Fast, easy conversion Must upload files rather than direct downloads
High quality 320kbps MP3 downloads
Works on any device

2. Kapwing

Best for: Versatile media conversion and editing

Kapwing is a robust online media tool with capabilities beyond just YouTube to MP3 conversion. You can edit, resize, crop, subtitle, and more. The YouTube to MP3 feature is easy to use – just paste the link and download the extracted audio.


  1. Unlimited YouTube to MP3 conversions
  2. No watermarks on downloaded files
  3. Tools for editing, resizing, cropping, etc
  4. Supports video formats besides YouTube
  5. Completely free to use

Verdict: Kapwing is the ideal choice if you want a multifunctional online media suite along with YouTube to MP3 conversion. It delivers high-quality downloads thanks to the unlimited conversions.

Price: Free

Pros Cons
Versatile editing and conversion tools Must upload files to convert
Unlimited conversions No desktop app
No watermarks
Extracts high quality audio

3. VideoProc Converter

Best for: Fast desktop YouTube to MP3 conversion

VideoProc Converter, a desktop application, provides rapid YouTube to MP3 conversion, capable of extracting high-quality audio from YouTube videos at a velocity reaching 120x real-time speeds.


  1. Downloads entire YouTube playlists
  2. Automatically saves metadata
  3. Options for conversion formats besides MP3
  4. Available for Windows and Mac

Verdict: With its extremely fast conversion speeds, VideoProc Converter is ideal for downloading entire YouTube playlists or channels as MP3s. It delivers quick results while maintaining audio quality.

Price: free trial period, and paid start at $29.95

Pros Cons
Incredibly fast conversion speeds Paid software
Downloads entire playlists/channels Windows and Mac only
Preserves audio quality

4. ClipGrab

Best for: Open source YouTube to MP3 conversion

ClipGrab, a free YouTube to MP3 converter, supports Windows, macOS, and Linux systems. And it provides a downloadable desktop app for YouTube to MP3 conversion.


  1. Supports Windows, Mac, and Linux
  2. User-friendly interface
  3. Decent conversion speeds
  4. Preserves original audio quality

Verdict: For an open source option, ClipGrab delivers reliable YouTube to MP3 conversion. It’s easy enough for beginners while meeting the needs of more experienced users.

Price: Free

Pros Cons
Free and open source Basic interface
Cross-platform Slower speeds
Easy to use
Good audio quality

5. 4K YouTube to MP3

Best for: Downloading high quality YouTube videos

It can download MP3 audio even from high resolution 4K YouTube videos. It handles ultra HD quality videos with ease.


  1. Downloads MP3 from HD and 4K YouTube videos
  2. Produces 320kbps MP3 files
  3. Unlimited conversions
  4. Straightforward to use
  5. Includes ID3 metadata

Verdict: For maximum quality MP3s even from 4K sources, 4K YouTube to MP3 is a superb choice. It delivers great results for free.

Price: Free

Pros Cons
Handles 4K and HD sources Website can have ads
Unlimited use
Highest quality audio

6. Movavi Video Converter

Best for: Converting YouTube playlists and channels

Movavi Video Converter is a sophisticated video conversion application compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems, offering the capability to extract MP3 audio from YouTube videos. It can download entire playlists or channels for convenient batch conversion.


  1. Downloads full YouTube playlists/channels
  2. Retains original audio quality
  3. Fast conversion speeds
  4. Intuitive interface
  5. Software available for Windows and Mac

Verdict: Movavi Video Converter makes converting multiple YouTube videos to MP3 a breeze. It delivers speed and convenience for downloading whole YouTube collections.

Price: Starting at $39.95 per year

Pros Cons
Batch playlist/channel downloads Paid software
Retains original audio quality Windows and Mac only
Fast speeds
Slick interface

7. Allavsoft

Best for: Downloading high quality videos 

Allavsoft supports downloading YouTube videos in high definitions such as 4K and 1080p and provides the feature to extract MP3 audio. This allows you to get maximum quality MP3 files from high resolution sources.


  1. Downloads up to 4K quality YouTube videos
  2. Offers lossless MP3 audio extraction
  3. Batch downloading capability
  4. Keeps metadata automatically
  5. Fast conversion speeds

Verdict: For the highest quality MP3s, Allavsoft excels at converting even 4K YouTube sources while preserving fidelity.

Price: Starting at $29.99 per year

Pros Cons
Downloads 4K and 1080p videos Paid software
Lossless MP3 audio Some stability issues
Automatically saves metadata
Rapid batch conversion

8. OnlyMP3

Best for: Simple, unlimited YouTube to MP3 conversion

OnlyMP3 is a straightforward website focused solely on YouTube to MP3 conversion. It delivers high quality 320kbps MP3 downloads from YouTube with ease.


  1. Ad-free interface
  2. No registration required
  3. Unlimited conversions
  4. Easy point and click downloading
  5. Maintains audio quality

Verdict: OnlyMP3 offers an easy way to convert YouTube videos to MP3 with no limitations. It’s perfect for quick, unlimited extractions.

Price: Free

Pros Cons
Clean, simple interface Basic features only
Unlimited conversions Slower speeds
No registration required

9. 320ytmp3

Best for: High quality 320kbps YouTube to MP3 conversion

As the name suggests, 320ytmp3 provides 320kbps MP3 downloads from YouTube videos. This allows you to get excellent quality audio files.


  1. Downloads YouTube as 320kbps MP3
  2. No limits on conversions
  3. No registration needed
  4. Straightforward interface
  5. Fast download speeds

Verdict: For top notch, 320kbps MP3s from YouTube videos, 320ytmp3 delivers excellent quality with no hassles.

Price: Free

Pros Cons
320kbps high quality audio Very simple site
Unlimited downloads Potential ads
Easy to use
Fast speeds

10. EaseUS Video Downloader

Best for: Downloading entire YouTube playlists as MP3

EaseUS Video Downloader offers an easy way to extract MP3 audio from YouTube, including full playlists or channels, right on your desktop.


  1. Downloads entire YouTube playlists
  2. Available for Windows and Mac
  3. Clean, uncluttered interface
  4. Maintains high audio quality
  5. Good download speeds

Verdict: EaseUS Video Downloader provides a fast, unlimited desktop option for downloading YouTube playlists as MP3 files.

Price: Free

Pros Cons
Downloads playlists & channels Some stability issues
Available for Windows & Mac Slower speeds
Clean interface
Good quality audio

11. FlV2mp3

Best for: Fast YouTube to MP3 conversion speeds

FlV2mp3 focuses on rapid YouTube to MP3 conversion, delivering speeds up to 5x faster than real-time.


  1. YouTube to MP3 speeds up to 5x faster than real-time
  2. 320kbps high quality MP3s
  3. Simple interface
  4. No limits on downloads
  5. Small downloader size

Verdict: With its blazing fast conversion speeds, FlV2mp3 is perfect for quickly grabbing YouTube audio as MP3s.

Price: Free

Pros Cons
Very fast conversion speeds Basic features only
320kbps high quality Potential ads
Simple interface
Unlimited downloads

12. Any Video Converter Free

Best for: Versatile video and audio conversion

Any Video Converter Free, a versatile video conversion tool for Windows, enables swift extraction of MP3 audio tracks from YouTube videos.


  1. Fast batch conversion speeds
  2. Can download full YouTube playlists
  3. Preserves original audio quality
  4. Intuitive interface
  5. Free version available

Verdict: Any Video Converter Free provides an easy, unified tool for all video and audio conversion needs, including fast YouTube to MP3 capability.

Price: Free version available, paid upgrade $29.95

Pros Cons
Fast batch conversion File size limits
Downloads playlists Basic free version
Retains audio quality Some stability issues

Comparison of the Top 12 Converters

Downloader Platform Ratings
Yt1s Online 4.3/5
Kapwing Online 4.5/5
VideoProc Converter Windows, Mac 4.6/5
ClipGrab Windows, Mac, Linux 4.1/5
4K YouTube to MP3 Online 4.2/5
Movavi Video Converter Windows, Mac 4.3/5
Allavsoft Windows, Mac 4.0/5
OnlyMP3 Online 4.5/5
320ytmp3 Online 4.7/5
EaseUS Video Downloader Windows, Mac 3.9/5
FlV2mp3 Online 4.1/5
Any Video Converter Windows 4.1/5

Alternative Methods for Offline Listening

If you don’t want to convert YouTube videos to MP3, there are alternatives for saving audio for offline listening:

  • Use a YouTube downloader to save just the audio in M4A format.
  • Use online or desktop tools to convert YouTube to MP3.
  • Use a music downloader app to search for and download songs.
  • Record audio from YouTube using a desktop recording tool.


The practice of extracting MP3 audio from YouTube videos for offline playback has gained considerable popularity. This article presents an evaluation of twelve outstanding YouTube to MP3 converters available in 2024, encompassing both web-based services and desktop application alternatives. The top converters make it fast and easy to extract high-quality audio from YouTube videos. Give some of these YouTube to MP3 converters a try to enjoy your favorite audio offline!


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