Home Tech Blue WhatsApp plus APK is the advanced version of WhatsApp

Blue WhatsApp plus APK is the advanced version of WhatsApp

Blue WhatsApp plus APK is the advanced version of WhatsApp


Blue WhatsApp plus APK is the advanced version of WhatsApp, which we download from the play store. This improved version of WhatsApp puts you in the vanguard regarding communication and chatting.

This modded version of WhatsApp is embedded with various features than regular WhatsApp currently in use.

With the Blue WhatsApp Plus APK version, you can easily download the status you like without asking your friends to send it to you. With many added features in the Plus version, you’ll be fascinated to know that it’s not your average whatsapp. So, downloading it gives you an extra edge over your contacts using plain WhatsApp.

This article gives you a detailed review of the Download blue whatsapp plus apk version. Like how to use and download it. What makes it unique? In this article, we’ll discuss why the modded Plus version is an absolute banger while discussing its features and edge over normal WhatsApp.

What is Gb WhatsApp Pro APK?

Gb Whatsapp Pro APK, as discussed above, is the modified version of whatsapp. Various modified versions of whatsapp are available online, like whatsapp gb, whatsapp fm blue whatsapp, etc.

Due to its blue theme and user interface, it’s called ‘blue WhatsApp plus apk’. Many of us are bored to death while looking at the green screen of whatsapp. It felt so monotonous to look at, as you can change the theme to only a dark version. This is an absolute turnoff for most users as we all seek color combinations and theme customizations. Sadly, WhatsApp doesn’t offer a variety of customization. But blue whatsapp plus 9.11 apk download offers customization, and it comes with a blue theme. As we know, blue makes everything royal!

It’s very exhausting when a sender deletes the message without you taking a look at it. Deep down, every person becomes curious and wants to know what was in the message and why the sender deleted the message. The good news for my curiosity-driven people is that now, with the Plus version, you can retrieve all the deleted chats.

The two features mentioned only make you come this far in the article. Below, we will discuss how the blue WhatsApp + version is revamping the world of communication and making the chatting experience out of class.  Insta pro

What is Whatsapp?

WhatsApp is a popular messaging application that allows users to send text messages, voice messages, make voice and video calls, and share various types of media files. It is widely used for personal and professional communication, offering a convenient and reliable platform for staying connected with friends, family, and colleagues. With its user-friendly interface and extensive features, WhatsApp has revolutionized the way people communicate globally.


It’s your phone, and it’s okay if you’re picky about the color and themes of your mobile apps. Whatsapp has been offered the same green screen over the years, with no updates in the change of theme for the foreseeable future.

But with the blue whatsapp plus apk version, you can get the blue interface of the app. And we all know everything looks good in Blue. But still, if Blue is not your color, select the tone from the variety of color palettes and make your WhatsApp according to your personality and favorites. So, make your WhatsApp your own by adding your touch of color. So, for all Barbie stans, it’s your chance to make your Pinkish Barbie version of WhatsApp Plus blue.

Privacy and Security Management

Privacy and security features are the main selling points of various online chatting apps. Social media apps are the digital library of all memories and chats, so every person wants them to be private and secure.

As we all know, whatsapp is all about chat end-to-end encryption. That’s what makes it the most trustworthy chatting app. The point with blue whatsapp Plus apk is that you can tailor the privacy setting according to your contacts. You can make some chats of your contact private, too.

It’s a very daunting experience when someone deletes the message without you reading it. But with the Plus version, you can restore all the deleted chats. The added benefit of this feature is you’ll get notified if your friends decide to delete the message. The calling experience has improved, but with blue whatsapp, video chatting and audio calls are much better. But with normal whatsapp, you have to block the person to stop them from messaging and calling you.

Suppose you’re tired of annoying contacts who keep calling you without any reason and don’t take account of your privacy and timings. Then, the Blue whatsapp plus apk version offers a privacy setting where you can decide who can call you. So you don’t have to click the Decline button. You can even avoid them in real life with the best commotion that you were offline. Because the Plus version offers you the setting, you can keep offline status on whether or not you’re connected to the internet. Isn’t this cool?

Back up Data

As I have mentioned above, that whatsapp is now a digital library of memories. All our memories are stored in the form of chats, pictures, and videos. With time the whatsapp doesn’t store the whole backup data. Upon restoration, you’ll get the half, and half is lost with no chance of recovery.

Keeping in mind the importance of all those memories in the form of pictures and chats, the Blue whatsapp plus apk version offers you the backing up of data with complete protection, and you can restore the data at any point in your life.

Convenient Data Transfer

Are you aware of the hassle when you want to do mass text with your contacts, but with whatsapp, you can only send a mass text to five persons in one go? Then you have to do it again and again. So be free of the hassle and get blue whatsapp plus apk to do mass text beyond any limit. Whatsapp also hinders you from sending files larger than 100MBs, but with the Plus version, you can easily share 30 pictures and approximately 100 messages in unison.

Hide Camera Feature

How often have you accidentally captured and sent a photo to the contacts? It happens when your phone glitches or sometimes at the wrong hand touch. But with the new update, you can hide the camera feature from the settings available in the top bar. With all the new updates in the Plus version, all the glitches and issues have been resolved. So, you can enjoy a smoother WhatsApp plus blue APK version.

Hidden ‘Forward Message”Whenever there is an event or holiday, you have to send some greetings messages, and you don’t have time to write to each person individually. So, you can forward the exact message you received from your friends. But in WhatsApp, when you forward this message at the top, it’ll be mentioned as forwarded or forwarded many times. But in the blue WhatsApp plus apk version, this forwarded message caption can be easily hidden. With the Plus version, you can easily make the Avatar version of yourself. Avatars are one of the fun ways to introduce yourself in the world of the digital stage.

Status Management

Sharing your memories via WhatsApp status is a common thing now. Not a single hour of the day has passed by when your contacts still need to update something on WhatsApp story. Every person’s contact list is versatile, meaning different types of status. Some people upload songs, mood statuses, or simple day-to-day pictures. We all have that friend in our contact list whose meme-sharing wit makes us laugh.

On WhatsApp, if you like someone notice, you have to text them and ask them to send you the shared video or picture and hence wait. But with Blue WhatsApp plus apk, if you like the status, directly download it. Isn’t this exciting and time-saving? You can even download the profile pictures of your contacts with the Plus apk, so say goodbye to blurry screenshots of profile pictures taken while using WhatsApp.

Do you require permission when downloading this app?

For the app to function correctly and effectively, your smartphone must grant the app various permissions. All rights must be given, including those to send SMS, record audio, vibrate, kill background processes, access the internet, locate the device, access Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, the camera, Mike, and NFC. Use the Get Account, Read Contacts, Write Contacts, Write External Storage, and Modify Audio Settings functions.

Is Blue Whatsapp Plus Apk safe?

The WhatsApp Plus Blue App has no chance of getting you banned. It has the Anti-Ban feature built in. You cannot, however, rely on a third-party app. These third-party Apps are the most vulnerable to online dangers.

Can I use WhatsApp and Blue WhatsApp plus apk at the same time?

Yes, you can use both versions of the apps at the same time. Blue WhatsApp plus apk will not alter your original WhatsApp experience.

What is the Blue WhatsApp Plus apk Anti-Ban feature?

Since its launch, the Anti-ban function has been a part of Blue WhatsApp, shielding users from any temporary or permanent suspension. However, it has upgraded its Anti-ban function, now known as Anti-ban 2.0. The primary purpose of this feature is to let users use this app free of the worry of banning and other privacy issues.

How can Blue Tick be disabled in WhatsApp?

You can turn off the Blue tick in WhatsApp by utilizing the “Show Blue tick after reply” function in Blue WhatsApp. All that is necessary is to turn on a button. Following that, all messages you get will only have blue ticks for others when you reply, not when you read them. 


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