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Candle Packaging Ideas to Grab More Customers » Business to mark

Candle Packaging Ideas to Grab More Customers » Business to mark


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When you start a candle-making business, you need to decorate your candle packaging boxes with your company name and brand logo. Why?
Because this effort will improve the quality of customer service while building a recognizable brand image. But which design should you apply? What is your budget to get high-quality packaging boxes? How can I design the proper packaging to attract those customers? Does it sound complicated? To make things easier, here are some candle packaging ideas to help you grab more customers.

A Brief Introduction to Custom Candle Boxes

Almost every house has candles. These items are ideal for lighting or creating a calming atmosphere in your home. The high candle demand has inspired many new brands to enter the market. They all try to convince customers that they are offering exclusive candles. 

Custom candle boxes are undoubtedly the best way to pack and present your lovely candles. Why? Because customizing your packaging boxes allows you to express your creative ideas. This will enable you to apply a brand-focused theme to your packaging boxes.

Eventually, customizing your boxes will benefit your business in the long run. How?

Imagine how many people will contact your boxes throughout the shipping journey. Yes, you can expect more public awareness of your brand.

Exclusive products come in high-quality packaging. High-quality candle packaging can attract the maximum attention of the market customers. Customization options guide you accordingly, and these candle packaging ideas are fantastic.

What Are the Best Packaging Materials for Candle Boxes? 

You should never ignore suitable packaging material when designing your candle boxes. So, what are the best materials you can choose from? 

Cardboard is known to be the best material for making custom packaging boxes. The material is highly flexible. This way, you can get your custom boxes with a logo in any shape, style, and shape.

The corrugated material is ideal for packing luxury candles. It would be the most ideal solution for efficient packaging. Corrugated is made from folded cardboard. However, it comes with more excellent strength and impermeability. Best of all, it is very affordable. So, for brands with a limited financial budget, this material is a valuable idea for product packaging.

Rigid boxes will be the most impeccable boxes to present your luxurious candles. Custom Rigid is famous for being the best material for presenting high-class and expensive items. So, rigid will be your best bet if you want your candles to look more exclusive.

Lastly, kraft will be an ideal option for eco-friendly candle packaging ideas. This material is known to be the most eco-friendly packaging material. Thus, when you use it to create your packaging box, those environmentally conscious customers will not think twice about getting your candles. 

In the end, you should choose the right material according to your product specifications. Whatever material you choose for your custom candle boxes, Instant Custom Boxes will let you get high-end results. 

Focus on Creating Beautiful Product Presentations

We all know that product presentation is very important for getting customers’ attention. Beautiful candle boxes wholesale add style to your items and brands. Elements like add-ons and innovations are best in convincing your audience.

Giving your packaging boxes the best style will give your candles the best product presentations. Your brand can eventually become the best choice among customers. 

Consider delivering a memorable product presentation to build a flawless brand image. Yes, you need to make your boxes look the most adorable.

Go for a simple, unique, yet rich design. You can also apply some add-ons to make your boxes look more appealing. For example, you can add window shapes to your boxes. This will convince customers as they can see your beautiful candles through the window shapes. 

To design your boxes, professionals in Instant Custom Boxes are always ready to support you.

Customize Your Candle Packaging Boxes

Customizing your candle packaging boxes is not as difficult as you might think. Instant Custom Boxes will make it easier for you. We offer a wide range of design collections. In addition, you can select the best packaging materials to improve the production presentation of your boxes. 

Customization can truly elevate your brand in the market. Most importantly, customizing your boxes will make your candles the best-sellers amongst thousands of others. By customizing your candle packaging with your preference, you build a strong bond with your customers. As a result, not only will they purchase candles only from you. More than that, they will happily recommend your brand to friends and family. At the end of the day, customer chains will be created with each other. This will be a fantastic plan for your brand to hit the market.

What’s more, you can also customize your boxes for special occasions. For example, you can customize them for a wedding celebration or birthday party. Instant Custom Boxes’ packaging experts will help you get various candle packaging ideas. Or else, you can apply your idea as well. 

Make Your Custom Candle Boxes Economical

Custom candle boxes should be as exclusive as your lovely candles. Yet, by focusing on the economic aspect of your packaging boxes, you can make a reliable impression on your customers.

People like to buy branded items at cheap prices. The same goes for the candle market. Your product packaging boxes should surprise customers. At the same time, they should also be economical. Your best bet is to go with custom packaging boxes. Why?

By getting custom boxes, you can lower the manufacturing and shipping costs. In this way, your candle price can also be reduced. This way, those customers are more likely to prefer your candles over other, more expensive candles.

Try Gift-Like Candle Packaging Ideas

Gift-like candle packaging ideas are the best choice if you want customers to present gifts from your lovely candles. You can use confetti for example. Confetti is known as corrugated cardboard, it usually comes in light-colored cardboard, various colored cardboard, and gold or silver-colored cardboard. The colorful embellishments of this glitter are the perfect filling to add luxurious texture and color to your packaging.

Another option is to add a fancy ribbon to your packaging. This will be perfect to present your candle as a charming gift. 

How do you properly pack candles in candle packaging boxes?

Most scented candles come in fragile glass jars. In this regard, your candle packaging boxes should not break the glass jars. So, how can you properly pack your candles?

  • Use Bubble Wrap for Luxurious Candle Packaging Ideas

Covering your candles with bubble wrap will prevent your candles from getting damaged during transportation. Eventually, bubble wrap is perfect for luxurious candle packaging ideas.

  • Choose a Sturdy Candle Packaging for Shipping

There are many options for shipping boxes. But the size of your candle packaging is essential. If the packaging is too large, you need to add extra filler. Yet, the shipping cost will increase. Thus, get the perfectly sized candle packaging to ship your candle safely.

  • Go for a Single Candle Packaging 

In the market, we can see how single candles are mainly sold. Single candle packaging weighs between 150 and 400 grams. We know candles are usually stored in glass bottles, but some vendors use metal cans. This is where single-candle packaging will significantly benefit your business. Each of your candles will look more captivating and exclusive with single packaging. 

Work with an Experience Packaging Provider

Working with an experienced packaging provider is another crucial part of the brand achievement. This company will help you create the most innovative style for your custom candle boxes. Additionally, if you are a newbie, you might have no idea about designing your boxes. After all, you need the help of experts to get your brand on the top of the list. 

How Instant Custom Boxes Help Your Candle Brand

Instant Custom Boxes will be your best option in this regard. We provide you with the finest quality packaging and printing solutions. With us, you can get impeccable candle boxes wholesale to lift your brand image. With elegant boxes wrapping your classy candles, you can just sit and relax, seeing how your sales will increase.

We let you choose reliable and durable packaging materials when customizing your candles. Our modern digital and offset printing techniques will help you print your company name and brand logo on the boxes. In the end, these boxes will expose your business more extensively.


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