Home Tech Illuminate Your Spaces: A Comprehensive Guide to Under Cabinet Lights

Illuminate Your Spaces: A Comprehensive Guide to Under Cabinet Lights

Illuminate Your Spaces: A Comprehensive Guide to Under Cabinet Lights


Light is the soul of a space, and under cabinet lighting is undoubtedly an indispensable part of adding luster to a home. Whether it’s a cooking corner in the kitchen, a reading corner in the den or a collection on a display case, under cabinet lighting plays a key role in bringing convenience and warmth to our lives.

In this fast-paced and ever-changing modern life, it has become crucial to understand the different types of under cabinet lights and their functions and features. From high-efficiency LED strips to smart sensor-based fixtures, this article will take you on an in-depth exploration of these lighting wonders and provide you with buying advice and installation tips to brighten up your space as well as your life.

Let’s embark on this journey together to explore the world of under cabinet lights, explore their unique charm and practical functions, and add more excitement and fun to your home lighting.

LED strips as one of the choices of under cabinet lights has a variety of advantages and features that can provide users with good lighting effect and convenience.

  • Energy efficient: LED strips are known for their low energy consumption. Compared to traditional lighting fixtures, LED strips are able to provide a fairly bright lighting effect with lower energy consumption. This means that users can save on energy costs when using LED strips as under cabinet lights.
  • Long Life: LED light strips typically have a longer lifespan than traditional fixtures. They have a high level of durability and stability and can continue to work for years, reducing the frequency of replacing fixtures, which in turn reduces maintenance costs.
  • Flexibility & Customizability: LED strips often have a flexible design that can be cut and customized to fit the size and shape of the cabinet. This customizability allows LED strips to easily adapt to a variety of cabinet configurations and provide a more comprehensive, even lighting effect.
  • Adjustable brightness and color temperature: Many LED strips feature adjustable brightness and color temperature, allowing users to adjust the light brightness and color according to different scenarios and personal preferences, for example, choosing warm or cool tones to meet different lighting needs.
  • Easy to install and maintain: Installing LED strips is usually relatively simple. They often come with self-adhesive backing or magnetic design, can be easily fixed under the cabinet, and do not require complex circuit wiring. Additionally, LED strips are relatively easy to maintain and do not require frequent bulb changes, reducing maintenance costs and hassles.
  • Environmental protection and safety: LED strips does not contain mercury and other harmful substances, has a low heat generation, the use of the process does not produce ultraviolet or infrared radiation, more environmentally friendly and safe.

LED strips as under cabinet lights is an excellent choice, they not only provide efficient lighting effect, but also have energy saving, long life, flexible customization, easy to install and many other advantages, can meet the user’s diverse needs for home lighting.

Applicable Scenarios and Characteristics

Whether used as a lighting tool or a decorative element, the application of LED strips in these scenarios provides flexibility, energy efficiency and diverse light effects. Their low energy consumption, long life and adjustability make them the first choice for lighting and decoration in many homes and commercial premises.


  • Lighting: LED strips can be mounted underneath cabinets to provide bright and even illumination, helping kitchens work more efficiently.
  • Decorating: Can add ambiance and modernity to the kitchen as well as create a cozy atmosphere in the cooking area.

Display cabinets

  • Highlight displays: LED light strips can highlight the items inside the display cabinet, emphasizing their details and beauty.
  • Adjustable Brightness and Color Temperature: The brightness and color temperature can be adjusted according to the needs of the display items to make them stand out.


  • Task Lighting: Provide enough light to help reading and working and reduce eye fatigue.
  • Space Decoration: Add comfort to the desk area with soft lighting to create a more workable environment.


  • Work Lighting: Provide even and sufficient light to help accomplish delicate work tasks.
  • Customizability: LED light strips can be customized and installed according to the size and shape of the workbench, making it adaptable to different work requirements.

Under Cabinet LED Strips Buying Guide

Type of Light Source:

  • LED light strips are the most common choice due to their energy efficiency, durability and providing good illumination.
  • Consider the type of LEDs in the strip, such as SMD 2835, 5050, etc., as well as their luminous effect and power consumption.


  • Pay attention to the lumen (Lumen) output of the strip, which affects the intensity of the lighting. Select the appropriate brightness level based on the installation location and the desired brightness.

Color Temperature:

  • Choose a color temperature that suits the ambiance of the space. In general, warm white (2700K – 3500K) is good for creating a warm and cozy atmosphere, while cool white (5000K – 6500K) is good for providing brighter light.

Strip Light Length & Size:

  • Measure the dimensions of your cabinet or installation space to ensure you choose the right length of light strip, or a type that can be cut to adjust the length.

Installation Advice

1.Clean the installation area

Ensure that the cabinet or installation space is clean and dust free before installation to ensure that the light strip is mounted securely and remains well adhered.

2.Correct Mounting Location

Determine the best mounting location, usually the bottom or side of the cabinet. Consider covering objects as well as avoiding installations where the light strip is directly exposed to conditions that could damage the strip, such as water or fumes.

3.Proper connection and power supply

Check the light strip’s power adapter and connectors to ensure proper connection and avoid short circuits or overloading of the circuit.

If needed, consider using specialized connectors and brackets to ensure a solid connection and installation of the light strip.

4.Proper controls and adjustments

If your light strip supports dimming or has other special control functions, make sure to install dimmers or related controls to make it easy to use and control.

5.Pay attention to safety

Ensure that the power supply and electrical parts of the light strip are safely isolated, and avoid humid and high-temperature environments .Whether it’s to enhance the brightness of your kitchen, add a focused source of light to your desk, or improve the efficiency of your workbench, under cabinet lights can bring convenience and comfort to your life. We hope this article can provide you with useful information, so that you can better understand and make good use of Onforu LED strip lights as under cabinet lights to inject more brightness and warmth into your home life.


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