Home Tech The Best Audiobook Platforms for Independent Authors: Your Ultimate Guide

The Best Audiobook Platforms for Independent Authors: Your Ultimate Guide

The Best Audiobook Platforms for Independent Authors: Your Ultimate Guide


The audiobook market is exploding. With global revenue projected to reach $57.6 billion by 2027, it’s no surprise that authors are flocking to this captivating format. But navigating the audiobook landscape can be daunting, especially for independents. How do you choose the right platform to bring your words to life, without getting lost in a labyrinth of technical jargon and royalty splits?

I, Paul Wilborn, an author who’s weathered the audiobook trenches myself, am here to be your fearless guide. This blog is your one-stop shop for understanding audiobook publishing options, dissecting top platforms, and empowering you to make informed decisions for your audiobook journey.

Understanding the Options

Traditional vs. Self-Publishing: The two main routes diverge significantly. Traditional publishers offer established networks and financial backing, but control and royalties often take a backseat. Self-publishing, on the other hand, grants you creative freedom and potentially higher earnings, but marketing and production fall entirely on your shoulders.

Key Factors to Consider

When choosing a platform, keep these in mind:


This is your audiobook’s passport to the world. Consider whether you want your voice to reverberate across continents or resonate in a specific corner of the digital map.

  • Global Reach
  • Niche Market Focus
  • Hybrid Approach


How much do you earn per sale? This is the sweet melody of financial reward. Understand the platform’s royalty structure and how it translates to your earnings per sale.

  • Tiered Structures
  • Exclusivity Options
  • Narrator Splits


Can you set your own price, or are there limitations? Flexibility ensures you capture your target market.

  • Fixed Prices
  • Flexible Options
  • Retailer Limitations

Marketing Tools

Does the platform offer promotional features to boost your audiobook’s visibility? Let the platform amplify your audiobook’s voice! Utilize built-in marketing features to reach a wider audience and attract potential listeners

  • Pre-Orders & Discount Codes
  • Social Media Integration
  • Platform Promotions

Production Assistance

Need help finding the perfect voice to interpret your words? Some platforms offer valuable production resources to ease the audiobook creation process.

  • Narrator Marketplaces
  • Editing Services
  • Production Packages


Complete Guide on Top Audiobook Publishing Platforms

Types of Platforms:

Buckle up, authors, because the audiobook landscape is a thrilling roller coaster ride! But fear not, this expanded guide will unravel the mysteries of each platform type, providing you with the knowledge to choose wisely and launch your audiobook into the stratosphere.

1. Audible ACX:

Imagine this as the VIP club of audiobooks. You get access to Audible’s massive audience, royalty splits that can reach 40%, and a vast pool of professional narrators – enough to make James Earl Jones envious. However, be prepared for potentially higher production costs due to premium narrator fees and editing needs. And, like any exclusive club, there might be a period of exclusivity where your audiobook can only whisper sweet nothings to Audible listeners.

2. Wide Distributors:

Think of these platforms as your multilingual diplomats, seamlessly translating your audiobook into different languages and sending it on a whirlwind tour of major retailers like Apple and Google.

Platforms like Findaway Voices offer global reach and flexible pricing options, letting you control your audiobook’s price tag. But remember, just like with international travel, the journey might cost you slightly lower royalties compared to ACX’s focused market.

3. Direct-to-Retail Channels:

Crave artistic freedom and control? Apple Books and Google Play Books are your personal art galleries. Here, you get to set your own prices, design your audiobook’s cover like a masterpiece, and bask in the glory of complete branding autonomy. However, marketing becomes your solo art exhibition, requiring strategic efforts to attract an audience beyond the casual browser. Think pop-up shops, social media buzz, and engaging trailers to lure listeners into your digital gallery.

4. Hybrid Approaches:

Why limit yourself to one platform when you can be a genre-bending audiobook polymath? Combine the Audible exclusivity of ACX with direct-to-retail sales on niche platforms like Scribd or Kobo. This expands your reach like a multi-city tour, attracting both mainstream and genre-specific listeners. Just remember, juggling multiple platforms requires organizational skills worthy of a musical maestro.

Deep Dive into Top Platforms

Now, let’s get granular with the big players:

ACX (Audible Creation Exchange)

  • Strengths: Access to thousands of talented narrators, generous royalty splits (up to 40%), and the prestigious Audible audience.
  • Drawbacks: Potentially higher production costs due to narrator fees and editing needs, plus the possibility of being locked into Audible exclusivity for a period.
  • Success Tips: Craft clear audition prompts that showcase your book’s unique voice, compare narrator samples meticulously, and negotiate royalties with confidence.

Findaway Voices

  • Benefits: Global reach, distribution to major retailers like Apple and Google, flexible pricing options, and built-in marketing tools.
  • Downsides: Lower royalty rates compared to ACX, less direct control over narrator selection.
  • Navigation Tips: Explore their comprehensive pricing models, leverage the platform’s marketing features like pre-orders and discount codes, and utilize their global distribution network to reach new audiences.

Direct-to-Retail Channels

  • Advantages: Full control over pricing and branding, potentially higher royalties than other platforms.
  • Challenges: Requires significant marketing effort to drive sales, limited reach compared to established platforms.
  • Optimization Hacks: Utilize retailer promotions like “Today’s Featured Deal,” build an author mailing list for dedicated fans, and offer enticing bundles of your audiobook with ebooks or merchandise.

Bonus: Alternative Options

For specific needs, consider platforms like Audible Publishing Services (ideal for beginners) or Author Republic (strong in international markets). Research their niche strengths to find the perfect fit for your audiobook journey.

Conclusion and Recommendations

Now, armed with this knowledge, remember: the “best” platform is subjective. Your goals, resources, and audiobook’s genre all play a role. Do your research, tailor your choice to your specific needs, and don’t be afraid to experiment!

For further guidance, subscribe to my blog for regular insights into the ever-evolving world of audiobook publishing. Let’s conquer this soundscape together, one word at a time.




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