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Types and Benefits of Greenhouse Carports: A Guide for Retailers

Types and Benefits of Greenhouse Carports: A Guide for Retailers

Greenhouse carports are structures used to protect plants and flowers from external elements. They can be made with wood, metal frame, or attached plastic with a transparent covering that protects the plants from rain and sun. Greenhouse carports can also store tools and equipment as an additional storage unit or garage. The affordable greenhouse carport price and minimum space required make them a great choice for those with limited space.

Using greenhouse carports has many benefits. Instead of leaving the plants out in the open, where they could be damaged by weather or pests, the growers can keep them in a greenhouse carport. It is a perfect option for growers who live in an area dominated by rain or wind. The plants inside a greenhouse carport frame can be protected from damage. They are also easy to construct and install and are offered at an affordable greenhouse carport price. No special tools or training are required for erecting a greenhouse carport.

Greenhouse carports provide an excellent environment for growing plants. They are available in materials like corrugated fiberglass or corners showcasing wrapped plastic. Most of them have a support structure that holds up the roof. The design of the structure often resembles an A-frame or gable roof shape. The structure allows plenty of natural light to come through and reach the plants. You may also help your customers create a greenhouse using a metal carport frame using easy construction or wood framing techniques.

Greenhouse carports are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and are built with heavy-duty materials to withstand high winds and heavy snow loads. The roof of the carports usually have gutters to help drain the water, which is prevented from entering the structure during heavy snowstorms or rainstorms.

You may also provide your customers with skylights or aluminum windows along with greenhouse carports so that the structure’s interior can enjoy the sunlight. This will make it easier for the plants to grow inside the structures during cold winter.

Benefits of Greenhouse Carports

Greenhouse carports offer many benefits that can protect the plants. Some other advantages include the following:

  • Extending the growing season: greenhouse carports can provide a controlled environment even when the external weather is not favorable. It allows the growers to regulate humidity, light level, and temperature. This means that they can benefit from extended growing, thus increasing the overall yield of the plants.
  • Protection from weather and pests: harsh weather and unregulated pests can harm precious plants. But greenhouse carports give protection to the plants against such damages. Since the plants are in a protected and enclosed environment, these pests will not get access to them, which helps to avoid crop damage and unwanted pest infestation. 
  • Increased crop yield: since the airflow, humidity, and temperature are controlled, one can ensure that the plant receives the best condition for growth, thus increasing crop yield. Optimizing the condition throughout the year can make the plants stronger and healthier. Energy efficiency: greenhouse carports are environmentally friendly since the structure helps maximize the sun’s use, thus reducing the need for artificial light. This can also help in lowering the carbon footprint.

Various Styles of Greenhouse Carports

  • Value greenhouse: This is the perfect option for those living in a mild climate zone. They are affordable and have a horizontally running roofing panel that can easily capture dirt, debris, snow, and leaves, thus protecting the plants. 
  • Modern greenhouse: these are aesthetic structures with small roof pitches and vertical designs on the roof panels that add to their beauty and strength.
  • Vertical greenhouse: Vertical greenhouse carports come with roofing panels that help remove the snow easily. They are strong, thus reducing the risk of debris and sticks getting trapped.
  • Mini greenhouse carport: these small structures usually come with an exhaust fan. It is a perfect option for customers with limited space around their house. 

Things to Consider When Helping Your Customers Buy the Right Greenhouse Carport

Since the growers may often turn to you for selecting the right greenhouse carport according to their needs, you should know the important considerations to make. These important factors include:

  • Size and design: the size and layout of the structure will be determined by the gardening requirements. Hence, it would help if the growers first categorize what plants they will grow, and then you can help them choose the size accordingly. 
  • Strength: The greenhouse carport should be strong enough to withstand high temperatures and weather conditions. Galvanized steel frames can be an ideal choice for strength and beauty. 
  • Irrigation and water management: having a regulated irrigation and water management system is important for preventing the risk of waterlogging.
  • Ventilation: the plants grown inside the greenhouse carport should have access to proper ventilation and circulation to grow properly. Having well-circulated air can help the plants grow healthily in a controlled environment. 
  • Heating and insulation also play an important role in keeping the plant healthy.

To Conclude

As a greenhouse carport retailer, you must work with a manufacturer that you can trust and one that is eager to build a relationship with you. You can offer your customers different styles of garages and carports and also provide them with customization options.